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Diagnostic Check-Up Services

In addition to personalised treatment options, we offer tailored check-up services to assess your health comprehensively. Personalized medical examinations play a pivotal role in early disease detection, allowing for proactive intervention during the initial phases. Even when individuals feel well and are not actively considering illness, comprehensive preventive check-ups offer valuable insights. Numerous ailments lack noticeable symptoms, potentially advancing unnoticed and untreated.

These health evaluations entail thorough exploration of the patient’s medical history, analysis of basic medical information, standard laboratory assessments (clinical chemistry), and a detailed physical examination conducted by the attending physician. Furthermore, each assessment may be augmented by supplementary diagnostic procedures tailored to the individual’s requirements.

Upon identifying significant findings or discrepancies during the assessment, the physician may recommend and order specific additional tests before discussing treatment options. Here are two of the most commonly booked constellations of examination, Customized health assessments

Basic & Executive Check-Up

Basic Check-Up

Assess your basic state of health with the following:

Executive Check-Up

Comprehensive examination of all major organs, including

Gender-Specific Examinations:

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